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February 2nd, 2013, 04:41
My dog started limping on one leg and had his head turned to the side for some reason about a year and half ago. About a year before that he startd having seizures which was shocking to having to sit through. The seizures were likely due to his recent habit of chewing up any paper he found including rolls of toilet paper left ungaurded. It likely left toxins in his system which took time to filter out of his liver the vet said.

With the limping and head turning the vet showed where shining a light in his left eye didn't bother him but the right did, so he showed he was blind in one eye which would explain why he wanted to turn his head. It was his right leg that was lame. The vet wouldn't confirm it but it was pretty clear to me our 12 year old dog must have had a stroke. He's had issues with his right leg on and off since including now which tells me they've been recurring. Don't think our poor doggy is much longer for this world.
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