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February 2nd, 2013, 08:47
Originally Posted by human_male View Post
I'd love it if it was more challenging and survival orientated. But the level builders at Beth just can't help themselves liberally littering everywhere with ammo, money and whatnot. Plus it would put off the casual gamer, and can't have that can we.
Cant be that simple. Survival when poorly done leads to a one pony trick show.

Players want combat. A lot of it. Scaling down loot only scales up the time required to gather the items.

How long before players start to complain that it is rather abnormal that killing 30 enemies only yields one revolver and 14 bullets?

Beside, developpers abused that route, using it to fake more content than the game had.

Survival, due to the character progression system, is what is expected at start of these kind of games.

The route to go is the route tried by Bethesda for Skyrim. But they failed big time on this one.

Better to keep an eye on games like Dead State or Forsaken Fortress to see what developpers can deliver in terms of survival gameplay.
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