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February 2nd, 2013, 11:27
Hello all,

Just had a message from your DDO guild leader Reywindd to come register and post here to introduce myself, so Hi!
I've played NWN & NWN2 pretty much to death, though still drop into the Baldurs Gate PW from time to time to dust off my characters and keep active. DDO has really taken over as my game of choice though. My main is my elf ranger/arcane archer Squismitten, though she may soon be knocked out of the top spot by Squishmiten, my Drow Radiant servant Cleric. I'm only F2P, but have a premium account and a few adventure packs under my belt, and am on most weekends and evenings (London time). I have a few other toons in the wings as well- Snaga - a Dwarf Warchanter, Banshiee- a Drow Spell singer, and TootMcSmelly- A Dwarf heavy tank fighter.

Look forward to meeting some of you in game!
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