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February 2nd, 2013, 10:31
Generally speaking I'm quite rubbish at twitch oriented action games, but with Dark Souls I made an exception in wanting to try and succeed simply due to the nature of the design.

Whilst some repetition seems inevitable during the early character building phase of the game, I feel that it is overall quite justified in supporting the humanity/souls mechanic as it neatly ties in thematically with the cyclical game concept of recurring life and death.

I acknowledge and understand that this idea and kind of experience isn't for everyone, but I certainly hope minimal to no compromises are made in the overall design if a sequel is made. Dilution of the Dark Souls concept and gameplay simply isn't desirable to me and hopefully to many of its other fans. I don't say this with any kind of elitist credo, but rather with a specific aesthetic enjoyment of a unique kind of gaming experience.

I don't play MMO's at all because of the tendency those games have towards generic content, but again with Dark Souls, I made an exception. I won't wax lyrical too much more about the game here (see the impressions thread in General forum if you haven't already and are curious) only to say that I'll continue to follow these developments as they arise.
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