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February 2nd, 2013, 21:15
One of use will gladly send you some guild invites. Whoever logs in first. lol Welcome to the Watch and to the guild. We post game plans and questions here as you can see.

We have a regular session starting around 6pm CDT. Kind of late for you, but if you have a toon in the level range and can stay awake you are more then welcome to join in.

There is a guild chest and items in there are up for grabs so help your self. Our crafters will take them out after a few weeks if no one claims. We all try to help pay for the ship buffs. If you have some plat to spare, help out, if your plat is low, no worries.

We use skype rather then guild chat, much better quality most of the time. If you have a mic and want to join they chat, just grab the free version and let one or two of us know your details either here, in a pm or in game.

Hope to meet you soon and welcome again. Any questions just post here or grab anyone in game. One reminder, when you log into the game it does not ping others already in, so feel free to send a tell if you say hi and get no answer. When questing those messages in guild chat can scroll off and be missed very easily.
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