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February 2nd, 2013, 22:38
When you've levelled enough, the Giants at that location are fantastic for soul farming at about 600 a pop.

Well, I've finally managed to do away with Four Kings. What's ironic, is that I'd forgotten to go offline and was invaded about half way through a run through the Ruins and was mauled savagely to death by some geezer just before the fog gate. The chap responsible was contrite for some odd reason and sent me a message requesting to help with the Four Kings fight. I accepted somewhat perplexedly, but alas, didn't find the sign at the agreed place.
Not to be denied, I went in again alone…

Spoiler – My basic Four Kings method

Thus, it seems I'm on the home straight now. I'm seriously considering leaving the remainder of the DLC content for a second playthrough, although I probably should farm some more titanite chunks to upgrade my weapons and armour more, as I have a crapton of unused slabs of various kinds. I'm sure I'm going to need them for the final boss…

P.S: Congrats to GBG for the epic shirt-popping Street Fighter 2 moment. Must have felt good!
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