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February 3rd, 2013, 07:57
Relams of Arkania appears to be getting the Hd treatment with some involvement from the orig. developers so it might be worth waiting on put it at the bottom of the list.

If i remember correctly work of Xeen is a Combination of Might and Magic IV and MIght and Magic V, with just a little linking content added.

Might and Magic VI removes the cartoonist character look to add a #D like engine that was also used in later M&M games VII and VIII.

For Ultimas I never really got into the earlier ones though it had multiple versions, I would start at Ultima IV and continue on from there if you like it. There are some excellent Modifications for the Ultima's especially noted are the Ultima IV VGA upgrade, Exult for Ultima 7 (Yay no Dosbox), Pentagram for Ultima 8 (Another no DosBox), I thik there also one for Ultima 6 called Nuvie ( I haven't tried it).

I'd also recommend Eschelon 2 I preferred it to Eschelon.
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