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Default Malevolence: Sword of Ahkranox public beta is live!

February 4th, 2013, 03:00
For the dungeon crawlers out there - the Malevolence: Sword of Ahkranox beta is now open to the public. You can download the game directly from their website or get the official torrent. The only thing you can't do in the demo mode is save your game. Kickstarter backers and pre-orders have full access to saving.

I've been playing around with it today (I backed the Kickstarter), and it's pretty fun so far. The game can be brutal - so you've got to be careful when crawling through the dungeons. There are lots of traps and some of them are insta-kill. Luckily there is a way to detect and disarm traps if you're careful. I like that there are also secret doors to be found. Still figuring out how things work…

The game world is infinite and heavily uses procedural content creation. I think of it as a mix of Dungeon Hack, Might & Magic, roguelikes, and Elder Scrolls (Daggerfall especially). Movement is step / grid-based like M&M / Wizardry / Grimrock, though you can free-look around with the mouse. Combat is turn-based.

The game is still a bit rough around the edges. In particular some of the graphics / fonts don't scale very well to different resolutions. Hopefully this is improved in a later bit of polish. But the core gameplay is intact and I'm having fun with it.
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