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February 4th, 2013, 04:46
No, unfortunately 2 was pretty much universally hailed as the superior game and an improvement over the first!

And it didnt help that the choice to release it DRM-free helped gain it a couple solid points of fanboy love right out the gate, had people loving it before they ever played it. I count myself as one of them, I pre-ordered the thing myself

I cant say that it was a bad game and i didnt have fun with it, but the truth is I couldnt wait for it to finally end. When it did, I started another playthru - of the first game!

There were so many memorable characters, quests, and whole sections of the first game that secured it a place up there with my all-time faves. There was a handful of memorable characters in 2. Not to mention (but i'll mentiion it anyway) Alchemy/crafting was completely fucked up in the second game, I dont remember the specifics but i remember it wasnt good.
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