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February 4th, 2013, 12:18
Hm, in fact, I now started to doubt whether the ending belonged to SoU. Maybe it was the OC ending? It was definitely not HoTU, the final boss you fight in HoTU is unforgettable.

That ending was about getting into a small room with a boss who was a female (that's all I remember), but before that you had a huge fight, and the level exit was closed and you couldn't go back and resting was suddenly disabled. So basically, a wizard like my character has spent all powerful spells and had nothing to fight with. Was it SoU that disabled resting before the final battle?

Bioware must hate wizards. The thing in HoTU was pretty much the same, with the final boss being immune to magic. To top it off, my companion was none other than Deekin, hahaha, he was not much use.
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