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February 4th, 2013, 13:51
Don't listen to the doubters - older games can be played by anyone willing to just invest a little bit of effort and imagination into the experience. There's absolutely no requirement to have played them previously in any context.

There's also games which have as yet been unsurpassed in particular aspects of their design. You've already mentioned Ultima IV and Ultima VII which are excellent choices to trial out in my opinion. Whilst IV had the unique philosophical bent, aiming for a more introspective adventure, VII had this wonderfully detailed vision of a virtual world. Both are brilliant games and worth your time. Each may have their own individually cumbersome quirks that the player used to modern games may find irksome, but nothing which cannot be overcome with patience and more, even enjoyed.

For other games to consider, I'd also mention Ultima Underworld I+II, Bard's Tale III, Dragon Wars, Wasteland, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Might and Magic I-IV, Alternative Reality: The Dungeon, to name a few. Obviously there's much more depending on just how far you wish to go back.
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