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February 4th, 2013, 17:24
CDP Red's Mateusz Kanik has been interviewed by Rock, Paper, Shotgun on Cyberpunk 2077.
Here is something on the video:
RPS: Letís start with the trailer. Why did you decide to emphasize that particular moment? Will any of the characters we saw be playable?
Mateusz Kanik: We wanted to catch the atmosphere of Cyberpunk. The moment is important, but what we wanted emphasize is the setting: How the city looks, how it feels, how augmentations can change your mind. So you can see that we are very faithful to the original, despite moving it 50 years forward. You have megacorporations, the psycho squad and the problem of people losing it after too many improvements. We surely do want the characters from the trailer to appear in the game, but itís too early and a little bit spoilerish to talk about the details.
RPS: Why that woman? A number of people were fairly taken aback by the fact that she was a scantily clad and in a compromising position, which is understandable. However, the camera panned out to reveal that her arms were grotesque scythes, which struck me as making it less about sex appeal and more about creating a striking image of destroyed beauty by way of rampant technological augmentation. Is that what you were going for?
Mateusz Kanik: Why not that woman? As for your interpretation: It is really cool that our short clip created some food for thought like that. We enjoy that people dive deeper and they do not see an ďepic, omgĒ flick on youtube, but something they think about when itís finished. Thatís how we want to make our games Ė you saw that in The Witcher series, moral choices and the problems the player faced were not trivial. Many people thought about decisions they made after they stopped playing. Thatís what we want to do with Cyberpunk 2077. The worst thing I could do as someone behind the trailer is to tell you how you should interpret it. So, no, I wonít tell you what we were going for. It would spoil the fun.
More information.
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