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February 4th, 2013, 20:42
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
Reviewed it way back when. In hindsight, I actually think I went too easy on it in that review. It's not all that good. It's not terrible, I didn't hate it, apart from some design decisions which I did honestly loathe (quick-event traps, killcam), but is there any one thing it was good enough at for an award? Sound, graphics, story, character system? Not really. And overall can't say I considered it for RPGotY at all. I didn't vote in these awards, but that's the feedback I gave, and I know at least one other staff member (WUE) played it.

Risen actually was runner-up to both best story and best sound/music two years ago. Risen 2 just did too much wrong. I hope they learn from both games and really pick it up, I'm a big Piranha Bytes fans but this has been a pretty steady decline, and I wouldn't like awarding them for that.
It's not individual features that make a game, but how they combine to create a special experience.

Risen 2 had a great mixture of story and exploration - and even if the combat system was poorly balanced, the development system in itself was interesting and entertaining.

The atmosphere was very powerful - especially the jungle setting and the weather system. Wonderfully realised.

I think R2 was miles ahead of simplistic combat-puzzlers like Grimrock or mainstream endless filler combat games like Mass Effect 3. Grimrock gets praise because it's a pretty indie game, and that's it. If it had been a hyped AAA game - it would have been bashed for being simplistic and shallow. GotY? What a joke.

But such is the way in which we differ.




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