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February 4th, 2013, 22:03
About the traps - there is a purple gem that lights up on the interface when you detect a trap nearby. When you see that light up (it also makes a soft bell sound) - start clicking the ground in the nearby squares - that's how the traps can be disabled. Some require a trap kit though.

It is indeed very pixelated, especially during outside travel. I'm kind of baffled why it looks like that - it's almost like it's rendering internally at a very low resolution. I think they are working on supporting higher resolutions.

There are many reports on the official forums about problems with the video. I'm having stuttering on mine too. I think they haven't worked out the bugs with that.

I figured out what Alpha level does - basically it determines how dark the dungeons will be. If you set it to 255 you'll see clearly in dungeons even without any light sources. If it's at 0 you won't be able to see anything unless you have a light source or there are light sources built into the dungeon. Setting it in the middle will determine how far your vision goes before it gets pitch black.

I hope that helps some. There is a lot of useful info on their forums if you're interested in digging into it more.
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