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February 5th, 2013, 00:56
My specs are :

2.1 ghz dual core AMD processor
3 gb RAM
ati radeon 3100 (considered "fast" by Morrowind Overhaul's specs) integrated graphics
Windows Vista 32-bit

Here's the thing. I'm able to extend the draw distance to 100% maximum when I'm outside of Balmora and get good FPS. It's once I'm in the cities with the NPCs that the distance has to be reduced to minimum again.

I'm thinking about disabling Starfire's NPCs mods and see if that helps. It adds a ton of NPCs to the game world and I think that could be causing a hit to my FPS in cities.

I'm also going to try clicking "Keep FPS constant" in the MGEui.exe program and see if that does anything.

Other than that I've tried nearly everything I can think of except for disabling more mods.

Edit - the "Keep FPS Constant" mode made things pretty smooth, but overall the draw distance was once again kept at minimum. When I would extend it to full the program just scaled it back to minimum

I didn't try disabling Starfire NPCs but I don't think that's the problem. I loaded my Balmora save and none of the Starfire NPCs spawned in Balmora, yet the framerate was still low. It doesn't seem to have any impact on FPS at all.

I'm stumped.
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