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February 5th, 2013, 02:47
Hi Fluent,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
My only complaint would be the lag in character movement when you press the mouse/button on the keyboard. I click where I want him to go and there's a slight lag.
I didn't experience any lag yet. Where are you playing from? The server is located somewhere in central europe. Maybe the lag is due to connection distance?

Please also check if the effect is related to depleted stamina (the green bar). When stamina runs low, the character is slowed down considerably. Resting for a short moment helps to refill the stamina bar quickly.

Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I'm not too crazy about the instant respawns. I went a little to the east of the starting town and encountered some tough enemies, when I tried to run away from them I ran smack into ants which I had already cleared a few minutes prior.
You are probably right about this. I set the respawn rate with more players in mind, who are playing simultaneously. I just increased the respawn duration of most generators (like ant hills) by about 30%. Not a drastic change, but improves the effect you described.

Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I take it I'm not supposed to be in this forest yet though, right? One person told me I shouldn't go alone and another said I needed training and skills before venturing out. So I'm going to try another direction and see if it's a bit easier.
I think at your level it's okay to venture out into the forest, as long as you don't travel too far. You needn't be too afraid about dying - the death penalty is rather harmless, especially at lower levels. Equipment will greatly help the warrior. I wish you good luck with the loot
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