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February 5th, 2013, 03:27
Not much to info to be gleaned from the article. I thought the following were the major points which may have been already discussed in previous interviews or blog posts.

Very in-depth customisation (a first for CDP!)
If you follow news about the game, you will also know that we want to put a lot of work into character customization. So how you treat your avatar in the game is completely up to you.
Carefully thought-out level design
When designing the city we wanted to give it the feel of a living city. We didn’t want a central plan that suddenly built the city from the ground up, but a consequential evolution of the streets and buildings. Building new floors on top old ones, constructing supports for facades that are falling apart, etc.
Braindances are an integral and problematic aspect of the world
Braindances are an important part of the setting. Everyone is into them. It’s massively popular and everyone has to be a part of it.
Also, it’s a vast social problem, you’ll meet junkies thrown out on the street, who stay homeless and continue to live other people’s lives.
Inspirations for the game
Blade Runner, the Eden comic book, and [William Gibson's] Sprawl trilogy are just some classics that will influence this game.
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