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February 5th, 2013, 13:11
Yeah the second option when you talk to the starting NPC is basically if you want a fresh area to explore. It's possible you'll find level-appropriate stuff that way but since they send you to a random location there's no telling what you'll find, or if there will be any towns nearby. The advantage to the default starting area is the town pretty close by (just a couple sections to the south). And there are several dungeons in the area. By the way, checking the maps often is key to finding points of interest - towns and dungeons have distinct icons in the local area map.

I got a quest in that town to clean out one of the dungeons. There must be several floors because I'm only on floor 3 and still have 50+ monsters to kill. It's been fun though - I'm steadily upgrading my gear with things I find, and occasionally the blacksmith has something interesting. I've found a couple of spellbooks as well, which added to my spell choices.

You are right there isn't much in the overworld to do except explore to find towns and dungeons - though you can also find items hidden around, in urns for example. They have plans for adding roaming monsters outside at nighttime soon. But yeah, most of the action is in the dungeons for now.

I'm starting to see the missing features the more I play - it's definitely not feature-complete. For example I have a ton of random items I assume are intended for crafting (alchemy I guess?) - but I see no way to craft yet. But the game sure has potential if they get everything implemented, and polish up the graphics a bit. It's strangely addictive even in this unfinished state.
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