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February 5th, 2013, 14:38
Never seen that interview. Nor was fooled.

I was howerver fooled into Skyrim. Expected an almost bugfree game as TW2 and DX:HR were. Fool me once… Fool me twice… Will I reg. on TES online? Absolutely not.

If there was a preorder option for TW3 today, I'd instantly preorder it. Can't wait to have it on my machine. That and this:
Free expansion packs will release after the launch of Wild Hunt next year, akin to The Witcher 2's continuous, free post-release support.
Just as in case of TW1 and TW2, no bugfixes from modders needed. And no turning fans into cows then milking them with suspicious and probably overexpensive DLC. Who's a fool and who was fooled, vurt?

Last but not least, the respect for the community and their wishes is obvious:
quick-time events are out entirely
Listening to fans is something both Behesda and JoWood failed to do, Bethesda refuses to do the bugfixing already, and JoWood went even further by turning Gothic4 into something that's not Gothic.
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