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February 5th, 2013, 18:05
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
It hasnīt, in my opinion.
Skyrim may not feel thin in terms of quantity, but it certainly feels thin when it comes to quality, at least to me. Writing, quest design and dungeons are overall mediocre elements in this game.

Iīm pretty sure TW3 wonīt feature 150+ dungeons full of filler combat and Iīll be really surprised if the writing and quest design wonīt be overwhelmingly better.
Itīs very, very likely Skyrim was mentioned for marketing purposes only, the game itself is probably gonna be a very different type of open world experience.
Personally Iīm expecting something generally closer to Gothic 3 formula, but with better writing and quest design.

Not that it matters much in the context, but itīs 5m.

CDPR is from Eastern Europe which means lower costs, though.
On a large release like this the highest costs are likely to be man-hours for development. The next highest is probably going to be localization, though that can vary greatly depending on the price of the translating firm or if some localization can be done in house. So yeah being in eastern europe means that although CDPR might not have the cash to spend as much as Bethesda does going forward, they might very well be able to invest more total man-hours on current and future projects.
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