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February 6th, 2013, 00:55
Well, I guess everone has some kind of red line regarding to tolerance of graphics.
And they need to be over the "red line" for most players who are interested into the game itself. And to be honest I think they would already achieve that if they had graphics looking like Eschalon 2.
Doing even more in terms of graphics would have some kind of diminishing returns, it becomes much more expensive for just a couple of additional players per spent grand or so.

But as Spiderweb is re-using it's Arts so much, I really wish they would utilize kickstarter. Spiderweb seems to have a very solid Fanbase and I guess lots of players would pour money into a kickstarter project to get additional, overprized merchandise, their Name into the game or something similar.
This would mean additional promotion, and they might be able to get additional funding for one of their new games. They could use the money for one time purchases of Art Assets and some music which they could not only use for the kickstarter game but reuse it at their next 5 games or so.
I can hardly come up with game companies where I think a Kickstarter Game would be more effective.
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