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February 6th, 2013, 11:04
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
The quest given to you by the guard in that first town? South and West of the starting area right? I played around in there for awhile today. Seems like a pretty big dungeon to start out in. I hope all the dungeons don't look the same, because I can see myself getting burnt out on them real fast. I got to level 2 and found a helmet and a better sword, but I ended up quitting while still on the first floor.

One thing I definitely like is the music. In particular, that piece that plays during the load screen when you're entering the town. It's *very* similar to something from a older game, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

This game has tons of potential, but I think I'm done for now. It's not grabbing me hard enough to pay to unlock the demo. I'll pick it up again after a few updates to see how it's progressing.
Yeah that dungeon is massive - many floors and each floor is huge. There's definitely some balancing issues they need to work on if this is a starter quest. The original kill count I needed was something like 80+ monsters, and there are sometimes maybe 10 at the most per floor. As for the dungeon looks - I've seen one other dungeon variant so far (a mine) but really haven't been around enough to know what other variants there are. I think they are working on some more dungeon sets.

I'm very impressed by the music as well - to the point where I copied the mp3s to another folder so I can listen to it while doing other things. Some of it reminds me of Elder Scrolls stuff - I could see maybe a Jeremy Soule influence on the composer. The ambient dungeon tracks are suitably creepy and atmospheric too.

I can understand waiting on purchasing - the game needs some fleshing out for sure. The developer seems very active with adding changes and features so hopefully things improve pretty quickly. I'll keep this thread updated.
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