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February 6th, 2013, 12:34
I have noticed that there are some forum pages which my browser seems unable to properly render. It only happens with very few thread pages that have images, like this or this one, the result is that once the page loads the only thing that is rendered is in the first case the .png with Geralt and in the second either the kid-smoking.jpeg or the gif of the girl smoking. (despite the URLs indicating that I'm viewing a page rather than an image).
This has happened before but since now it affect a thread I'm interested in, I think I might want to resolve it. The issue is almost certainly not RPGWatch's fault since it is limited to my main Firefox profile (tested an empty profile, no problem*) but I would appreciate some help, as it hasn't happened in any other forum I frequent.

I have tried hard-refreshing and logging out and then back in.
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