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February 6th, 2013, 13:24
Having foolishly bought Dawnguard (a weeks back) for $19.99 I will wait for this to come down, if I decide to try it. DG had a few interesting locales, but was otherwise rather dull, esp if you were not a werewolf or vampire. I had many DG Radiant quests plonk me in the same caves I had explored before on other fetch quests. boring. samey. Even the main boss fight was uninspiring - I suppose because I'm level 50, but I just smacked the Evil Vampire dude a few times and he died. I drank one potion. DG really was uninspired - hopefully this new DLC will be better suited to high level characters and have a more immersive plot. Pehraps I'm just too powerful - but I can't face the prospect of starting from scratch …
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