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February 6th, 2013, 16:11
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
vurt, you're nitpicking - it's a fan mod, try it.

Poland is not populated by slaves. Outsourcing stuff to China because one can pay less to workers (and de facto is supporting slavery) is out of the question.

Also it's a mistake to compare artists, we're not talking about cattle here. Either an artist (that includes programmers) is a genius or is just a mediocre copycat. Give a task to two gfx artists, in this case tell them to make Geralt - you'll receive two different solutions. In USA you'll pay for one that cost less as the game will sell anyway and it'll look great when you tell your greedy CEO you got something cheap. In CDPR, it's not the case, you won't care for the price and will pay for the one that looks better. And then your president in Poland will give TW2 DVD as a gift/national treasure to ambassadors and etc.
So that's what us north americans do, man thanks I was so confused as to why there are no great games out of the states.
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