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February 7th, 2013, 15:32
Bot wrapped up his 40th Shroud last night (myself and 2 others were added to a guild run and those guys were seriously good and quite nice- Guildless Guild- we ended up 11-manning with 3 clerics and still did Harry in about 2/3 of a round in pt4, plus I had a 1 move puzzle and I still wasn't the first one out), so I'm working on what to do with him. I took a look at what the guild lacks at low levels and what might be fun to try. The cleric past life isn't going to do me much good unless I run a pally or a double cleric, although the +1 conjuration might help a caster a bit. Anyhoo:

We're thin on barbs, bards, clerics, FvS, pally, ranger, rogue, and sorc.

I've already got half the active barbs with Klubbir, and his purpose in life was actually just to test warforged, so that's out.

We could use healers, but between Bot and Wouldii I'm a little burned out on that role, so cleric and FvS are out. If I went melee, I'd build a fighter over the pally and ranger, and we're pretty stacked for melee types anyway. Soooo, we're left with bard, rogue, and sorc.

I started playing with a sorc build in the character planner last night (I know, I am having muchly of the shame). Not sure I'm ready for another hocus pocus type, but it would certainly be a different experience from the pale master. Sherwin is the only active sorc, and he's practically to epic levels already, although the guild has a raft of wizzies so it's not like the arcane cupboard is bare.

I'm intrigued by all the assassinations jm and Az are getting, but I really didn't play my rogue properly when I had RhoGu--he was a fighter with lock-n-trap. While the guild can always use a trap monkey, between artys and rogue splashes we've largely got that covered. Overall, I'm neutral.

I suppose I could go arcane archer rather than the typical tempest ranger, but I don't know if that sounds interesting. Besides, I don't know if the guild could handle 2 players babbling on endlessly about manyshot.

That leaves bard. Meh.

So, wise ones, thoughts? And, yes, I know it's up to me and all, but that's not really the point here.
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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