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February 7th, 2013, 17:50
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
you're not gonna be happy about this DLC then i guess..

"I have to say though I'm sick of Draugr enemies. I was hoping to take a break from them but they're very common in this dlc."

There are a few draugr infested side quests, but I fought more ash-spawn, seekers, and flaming spiders than draugr throughout the 3 primary multi-stage quest lines.

Oh and one thing to always remind people - update your mods. There's a particularly nasty issue caused by outdated versions of the Unoffocial Skyrim Patch which makes the player (and NPCs) unable to absorb dragon souls. This causes a game-breaking glitch in one part of the Dragonborn main quest line. Temporarily disabling the main USP mod or downloading the most recent (but not initial 1.0) version of its Dragonborn counterpart, even if you have saved in the middle of the point where the game-breaking glitch occurs, will completely resolve the issue.
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