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February 7th, 2013, 19:53
In a nutshell, TR allows you to start a new character without abandoning all the work you've put in to your current toon. You go back to level 1. Since you have 32pt, your TR will actually be a 34pt build. All of your inventory gets dropped into a reincarnation cache- basically an extra bank that you can pull from with your "new" toon. The implications of that are two-fold: one, if you've managed to get The Uber-Pointy Stick of Awesome Insta-Death, you'll be able to drag it out and use it again; two, you can plan ahead with gear, such as (if your sorc was going to TR into a fighter, for example) using your sorc to build a greensteel khopesh prior to the TR which your "new" fighter could pull out and start using 4 levels before it's possible for the new toon to build his own.

Past life also gives a little bonus based on the prior class. I don't know what the sorc past life gives, but for example my Friday toon (a repeating crossbow cleric) gets a bonus to damage rolls with ranged weapons because he's got a ranger past life. My pale master has an extra 10hp from his barbarian first life.

Most of the epic quests are pretty cool. It's worth running them at least once just to enjoy the content. From a character development standpoint, the epic destiny bonuses can be quite useful. That said, for whatever reason I've not gotten hooked on the whole epic destiny thing so I'm planning to TR long before really putting a dent into the destiny stuff. Peter has turned into a destiny junkie (az is pretty deep into it as well), so he might be more suited to sing the virtues of working on them.
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