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February 8th, 2013, 11:05
Oh, how wonderful denial can be.

Dear Gaider:

You weren't obligated, sure you weren't. You didn't say Bioware was above criticism - no, but you might as well have.

In your position, you CAN NOT speak openly and honestly. That's true. Well, not unless you value your integrity above that of your job - but I know that's not the norm. Few would expect that.

So, just don't speak about the subjects about which you can't be truthful. If you DO speak anyway - that makes you somewhat dishonest at best - and a clearcut liar at worst. Why? Because you can't be honest about them.

There's no other way around it, sorry.

Not a big deal though. The vast majority of developers of AAA games who speak in public do the same all the time. They just don't whine endlessly about it in denial.

You're obligated to sell - and that's your function in public. That's what you did. Accept it and move on.

Sad, but true. The internet has a tendency to regress adults into whiny manchildren.
Actually, I'm afraid a lot of people ARE whiny manchildren. The internet makes it possible without much of a consequence.




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