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February 8th, 2013, 12:18
Originally Posted by Elel View Post
But why? Is people's psychology different nowadays? I refuse to believe it, it almost sounds like earlier there were much less people interested in gaming and those were mostly hardcore fans of it, and nowadays so many people play that the majority are "casual" (bad word, it sounds degrading) gamers.

P.S. Meanwhile I finally managed to make Pool of Radiance work on my PC, yay! Ultima IV will have to wait its turn, it's way too complicated to figure out, Pool is intuitively accessible.
No, people's psychology isn't different.

But it used to be that the audience consisted primarily of enthusiasts. That means you were designing for people who couldn't get enough of games - and who had the time and the inclination to invest a lot of themselves into the experience of playing a game.

These days, gaming isn't about enthusiasts - but about the mass market. That means the majority don't have time or the sufficient interest to dedicate themselves to the experience. They just want a way to pass the time - much like the average person just wants to turn on the TV and not have the experience be demanding in any way.

It's not about brains or anything like that. It's simply a matter of the level of interest that's the norm.

In that way, I - as an enthusiast - can't really blame the developers or the audience. I can just lament that there aren't more who're passionate enough to look beyond numbers - and who might want to INSPIRE enthusiasm in the larger audience.

Sometimes taking a risk like that can pay off - and you might actually get a lot more players in the future who're more dedicated to the hobby.

Anyway, that's my take.




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