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February 8th, 2013, 13:28
Originally Posted by Elel View Post
Am I to gather from your militant post that you have a serious issue with Bioware?

No, I have a problem with dishonesty. I have a passionate interest in gaming, and Bioware used to be a fantastic developer. So, when I'm met with dishonesty or a what seems like a delusional position from someone representing Bioware - I react with passion.

That is to say, I used to be passionate about it. Now, it's more like being consistent.

I also dislike the direction they're slowly gravitating towards ("action with narrative and plot"), but I don't believe anybody will listen if I complain! I'm sure there were loads of people complaining about it already, there's no need to add another voice.
One should do what one feels is right. If you have something relevant to say, I think it might be wise to speak out - but that's your own choice, obviously.

Sorry but I never said that. If people bash Bioware and Gaider, they have a valid reason for doing it. And it's up to them and him whether they take away that reason or not.
Oh, I don't think people always have a valid reason. Far from it. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree about that.

An opinion is about as useful as it is informed.

David Gaider behaves normally in taking everything personally, though, anybody in his shoes would feel like this. But it's miscommunication. People want to communicate what they think, but the person they speak to takes it personally instead and defends himself. People feel that their words aren't getting through to the company and get frustrated, and he most likely, ahem, rarely repeats what they say to others in the company, indeed.
I'd agree it's normal behavior - as I said.

I don't agree everyone would react that way, however. I think it depends on how well you understand yourself and human beings in general. How capable you are when it comes to self-control and a rational position. Especially how true you are to yourself and those you communicate with.

So I don't think normal behavior is necessarily correct behavior - and I don't think it's necessarily better for anyone to behave normally.




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