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February 8th, 2013, 14:01
Originally Posted by Elel View Post
I can understand that. But I think that when you react with passion, most often than not it's a warranty that others won't hear you. That tends to make others either defensive or angry.
As long as I speak what I consider to be the truth (as far as I'm capable of establishing it) - I'm not concerned with the reception. Angry or defensive reactions tend to provoke more thought and debate - which is not necessarily a bad thing.

From what I gather, most fans speak about their personal opinions and so are fully informed.
So, if someone who has never played Dragon Age 2 - says it's a piece of shit, they're fully informed?

Ok, as I said - let's agree to disagree about this. We clearly have very different opinions about what it means to be informed - and that's ok.

True, and I'd be happy if communication was better. But would it ultimately help? Even if David Gaider starts behaving differently, I don't see any solution to this miscommunication. A different behavior of his isn't going to change Bioware's games, and people will continue bashing Bioware through talking to him.
It would help his image as far as I'm concerned. Whether that's "better" is of little interest to me.

Well, except that if it makes Gaider happier to know he's being received with less scepticism - that's always a nice thing.

I do care about people feeling good - and I would prefer that to be the case. Especially since he seems EXTREMELY concerned with his image of late.

But I don't think feeling good based on a delusional position is healthy. In that case, feeling bad might actually be better. This is what I think is happening to him right now.




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