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February 8th, 2013, 15:14
Gaider (and he is far from being the only one) milked confusion. He enjoyed wearing conveniently multiple caps.

Spokeperson: you only report what you are said to.
Involved in the development: you have the credibility of working on the stuff (but you can invoke anytime not working on the stuff you spoke about, just be told by colleagues)
Involved as a lead: not only you have the credibility of working on the project but you have the authority as you give direction (but you can always invoke your director's cut right being taken from you by the publisher)

Gaider enjoyed speaking while putting on one cap.

When it was about selling an awesome feature, the lead cap was so convenient.
When it was about explaining why this awesome feature did not make it in the game, the spokeperson cap was so convenient.

Everytime, credibility was reset (or hoped to be)

Bank account is now well filled thanks to PR stunts.

But it came with consequences: some were rightly confused by the change of caps, it had nothing to do with written comprehension skills, simply with Gaider's efficiency. Or others simply call out the BS, prefering to consider that no matter the cap, Gaider was talking.

So piece of advice: you do not want to face normal consequences of confusion? Simply stick to the role (and the limitations of range of actions that come with it) The little experience would also have helped for designing role playing games. No waste here. But less money in the bank.

And no opportunity to blog on the harsh world of the internet, under the cap of Gaider, the person.
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