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February 8th, 2013, 18:23
'Putzi' is a Samsung Navibot. No problems with climbing over door sills, but it doesn't even try to fall down the stairs which is good. It tends to get tangled in cables (we have tons of those in the living room) and curtains which is why I usually put up the curtains and remove the cables before I send Putzi off to work. It's rather good in corners, catching dust mice with its brush hands, plus it gets under my sofa which is really nice.

If I pick it up during its cleaning action (when it becomes tangled), it usually won't find its way home to to the loading station, but since I discovered all the traps and started to remove them before starting Putzi, it usually finds its way back.

I also like using the area towers to mark areas it should not enter.

What's great: Putzi is a time-saver. I can send it off to work and go shopping.
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