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February 8th, 2013, 18:23
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
I think this may well happen, but I'm a little concerned that the small amount raised by the current Indiegogo campaign will hardly cover the cost of physical deliverables and postage charges. Would be nice to see the dev get at least something for polishing the game for release, although $250k was wildly optimistic, particularly considering that a lot of negative publicity has been generated around this project.

I think we should have a betting pool on this.
  • nothing released
  • released
  • only demo released
  • previous beta gets leaked
  • source code gets leaked
  • previous beta gets released, fans patches fix problems
  • unfinished game with new broken GUI gets released
  • finds a publisher
  • finds a publisher and delays release in order to finish it up
  • finds publisher, publisher goes out of business
  • finds publisher, gets fired from publisher after lengthy delays
  • apologizes to former Sirtech/Wizardry employees for all the disparagement
  • above but only after former Sirtech employees apologize to Woodhead and Greenberg for stealing Wizardry
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