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February 8th, 2013, 18:32
Don't listen to anyone that tells you not to play Ultima I, II or III. You can watch the genre evolve before your eyes. However, I wouldn't bother finishing Ultima II.

You can watch as Garriot learns to streamline a game with U3, still my favourite of the bunch - a lesson he forgot in U5. I would also give yourself about 20 minutes on Akalabeth and try out a copy of DnD which Akalabeth is effectively a clone of (with 3D dungeons).

But definitely play BG1&2 - especially U2. You will want to get the patch that skips the intro however, and I recommend doing every sidequest in the game the first time. That is a very, very long game and I can't bring myself to play it again to see what I missed.

I have to start Eschalon II again. Loved the first one but tis been stop and go on the second.

I loved the Might and Magics 1-3 but I'm afraid the cutting edge quality of the games in their time is lost now. Syncing the graphics of a horse eating hay with the clicks of data being read of the floppy drive wouldn't be considered cutting edge in this day and age. I still don't know how they got those amazing textures on the walls with such limited memory back then. Compare it to any contemporary SSI Gold Box game.
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