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February 8th, 2013, 18:50
For $1,000 you can definitely find a solid laptop that will run most recent games at 1080p just fine.

How important to you is battery life? How about portability, do you want a thin form factor, or is it OK if it's a big bulky desktop replacement model that's a PITA to lug around?

And how extreme do you need the graphics to be? Are you talking about playing Witcher 2 maxed out with 16xMSAA and ubersampling (if so, prepare to shell out some big bucks for a bulky desktop replacement with dual GPUs). Or would you be OK playing Skyrim at 1080p with anti aliasing turned off and using FXAA instead? (this will be much cheaper and the laptop can be thinner)

Make sure it has at least the following:
- 1920x1080 display
- quad core Ivy Bridge CPU (model number ending in QM)
- GDDR5 graphics card at least Nvidia 645m, 650m, 660m, AMD 7730m, 7750m, or better
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