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February 8th, 2013, 20:04
Rules for running a shitty crowdfunding campaign:

(1) Spend years behaving like such an ass on the internet, so that the only forum which will tolerate you is the Codex
(2) Indicate that the only reason you are crowdfunding is because you lack the motivation to finish the game on your own
(3) Set a goal that is ridiculously unachievable, BUT you get the money, regardless
(4) Set an insanely/suspiciously long funding period without any justifiable explanation
(5) Maliciously attack another developer during their own crowdfunding campaign
(6) Have some large gaps of one month between updates
(7) From the beginning, indicate that a demo will be available in late November/early December, but don't deliver that for 2 months (and counting)
(8) Blame the delay on a bug with 64 bit machines that you knew about at least 6 months prior to the start of your crowdfunding campaign:

(Refer to the April 14 entry)

(9) Instead of apologizing for the delay, lash out at the people on the only internet forum which will tolerate your presence
(10) Start a new campaign as a "do-over" because 120 days surely isn't enough time to market your product

Bottom line:

Uber jackass tries crowdfunding but fails miserably…
Then tries crowdfunding again and WILL fail miserably…
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