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February 8th, 2013, 21:03
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
There are still a handful of more "harcore" releases each year, though usually these are indies. And look at Daemon's souls, the very fact that it was demanding for the player was what made it popular. To my knowledge it don't compete with the biggest of the biggest in terms of sales, but due to it finding an underexploited niche, it was able to do quite well. It is the same reason why Paradox have been doing so well, they found an underexploited niche in the strategy game market and filled it.
Yeah, I was talking about AAA development.

Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are definitely hard games - but in terms of design, I don't think they're pushing much. They're pretty much Diablo with a sophisticated combat system and a different perspective.

As in, the game is 95% about defeating monsters to level up and find loot - and everything respawns if you die. There's almost no story and the RPG elements are very barebones if you go beyond character development and loot.

I guess you could call it an evolution of the Rogue-like, which IS pretty cool.

What I'm sad about is that almost no enthusiast games are funded with big cash - because it's considered too risky.

I'm contending that it might not be quite as risky, but that it does require a design that can accomodate both kinds of players.

But there'd be no reason to do that, unless the people financing it were actually interested in evolving the genres. Obviously, they're not.

It would be really, really amazing to see a game with a budget of 50-100 million dollars that went almost entirely into design/content and an overall evolution of the RPG genre.

Skyrim is as close to that as we're likely to get.

The upcoming The Witcher 3 looks to be even better - and unlike Skyrim, it seems to be developed for the enthusiasts first.




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