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February 8th, 2013, 21:19
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It's not as well known as the Gold Box games, but another good D&D game is Dark Sun: Shattered Lands. It's got a really good, non-standard setting and some cool concepts, and feels a bit like a proto-Baldur's Gate. It's a pity that everything that's come since, with the notable exception of PST, has kept to the blandest-of-the-bland Forgotten Realms setting.
This. Dark Sun is fairly close to the infinity engine games in many ways.

Older games (pre infinity and Fallout) tend to be very limited in character interaction and choices and consequences, but there are some exceptions. The Darksun games and the Ultima Underworlds are exceptions. Ultima VI and VII might be as well (I havent played those).

The Goldbox games are more similar to IWD than to Baldurs Gate, with lots of fighting and little else. The first Pool of Radiance feels pretty open ended but has a significantly worse interface than the other goldbox games (you have to re-memorise spells after casting, manually cast healing spells on the party while the others do those automatically and add to resting time).

Darklands is an old favourite but more of an "Elite with swords" game. You travel around the map of medieval Germany and run into random encounters. The combat system was ahead of its time, and the setting was very interesting. No dialogue worth mentioning though.

There was also lots of dungeon crawlers (Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master etc), but that's not my cup of tea…
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