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February 9th, 2013, 05:17
Greetings again Dark Souls fans and the mildly curious alike.

Just had to report my success in the wonderfully tense fight against Manus, the King of the Abyss. Got him on my third shot, after finally finding the tricky place where one is able to summon Sif for some dogged assistance in the battle.

For me, this was a case of pure unadulterated tanking with the main skills being knowing when best to strike and when to lift the shield to relieve stamina.
Pattern wise, he's a little reminiscent of the Titanite demons in some ways, so that familiarity meant that I didn't ever feel overwhelmed by him and could time some double-handed strikes.

The Sif touch was really fantastic and very pleasingly in my case, he survived until the end.

Whilst I think I've pretty much covered most of the DLC now, I think I'm going to leave the optional dragon fight for another playthrough for a couple of reasons.
a) I can't seem to make it very far without being burnt to a crisp! (looted the chests nearby however!)
b) The chap who apparently may help with the dragon is unreachable due to the crest key mysteriously not dropping.

Thus, perhaps after some more titanite slab seeking, I think it may be time to pursue the endgame. I can take out the knights easy enough on the way to Lord Cinder, but haven't actually dived in the fog gate yet. Should be good!
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