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February 9th, 2013, 12:26
Originally Posted by Elel View Post
Does it work for you? I messed up a few of very important sure deals in my life (they would be sure deals otherwise) because of reacting with passion. And I took it as a life lesson. Venting your emotions isn't worth it if you can't get through to people any longer. But I guess there are different situations and you're right about it, sometimes it's possible to work things out like that.
I'd be pretty stupid if I kept doing something that I didn't think worked out for me, after living life for 36 years.

In any case, there's a major difference between online interaction with strangers and real life interaction with people who can read facial expressions and tone of voice.

I'm not venting emotions. I'm using my ability to communicate in matters that I care about, because I'm emotionally invested in the subject.

I assume that everybody who gives an opinion about it has played it. Otherwise it's rather silly to have an opinion in the first place.
That's your choice. In my experience - many people are very eager to give their opinion - whether it's informed or not.

Why care for his image? Do you know each other?
I care about all human beings. But, as I said, it's of little interest to me - meaning I don't care very much.

Honestly, I don't care for Bioware employees that much. Especially now that they're ruining everything. DA2 is basically full real-time (pause is dysfunctional if everything is too fast and you have no command queue). The next logical step is to remove skill trees altogether, you can't use them to their full capacity anyway in a full real-time game. I found a Bioware reply to that, and it boiled down to the fact that they're trying to sell their games to people who prefer to play action games and won't bother with queue or pause. That's a lost cause, somebody who calls the shots only cares for money and is going to kill everything that made this company brilliant in the past for the sake of profit. Now why would I care about image of their employees when it's not going to change anything? I have no idea what David Gaider really thinks about it (it's not like you can talk freely in public), and neither I know him in person.
I'm not telling you to care about other people.

I don't care about people based on whether they're doing something I agree with or not. I care about people because they're human beings - subject to all the flaws we're all subject to.

As for being a Bioware employee - they're obligated to follow the company line and do what they can to sell their products. That's my entire point.

My problem with Gaider is that he doesn't seem capable of truly acknowledging it. To me, it seems like he wants his cake and eat it too. Either he speaks his mind OPENLY and HONESTLY - or he's being dishonest. That's what I'm trying to say.




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