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February 9th, 2013, 14:28
PC Gamer muses on what they want to see in Dragon Age 3. Here's a good observation:
Story And Game Integration. It also needs to actually play by its own rules. To pick one element, the Circle of Mages is an interesting idea in lore-terms, but one that the game routinely breaks over its knee by filling the world with blood mages on the grounds that mages are fun to fight, by having guards completely ignore you wandering around in a mageís robe and holding a mageís staff and having fireball battles in the streets of Kirkwall, and by the game simply not having the guts to instil spellcasting with the risk itís supposed to have. Mages can be taken over by demons from the Fade at any point? Yeah, right. Not if theyíre the player character of a 20+ hour RPG, they canít.
This kind of thing simply breaks the fiction, and even if you can find some ďBut Elves Are Nymphomaniac Nudists In The Lore!Ē type justification, makes the world far less interesting than if Bioware had actually changed things. Some things can obviously be handwaved. Making the entire plot of Dragon Age 2 unsupported by Dragon Age 2 canít. Dragon Age 3 needs to be built around the rules as established so far, rather than taking the easy road and hoping we just donít notice.
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