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February 9th, 2013, 15:02
Bought it new in 2011 for about $40 US, played about 200 hours so far.

Wish I could think of a better full game and main story ARPG Coop game in the last 5 or 10 years, maybe someone will make suggestions. This is probably one of the first decent coop games in years and it's RPGish. At least they are moving in the correct direction and five million sales says Coop RPG CAN be profitable. That's the real point for any of us who care about Coop RPGs.

Sure many aspects were weak sauce, like the story taken from the book and the voice budget obviously wasn't big. And natch since it's Techland, they made the game for consoles, with dialog for 15 year olds. But now they know how profitable a PC focused game can be. Not to mention the quests felt like a better fit to overall story and atmosphere of the game world (obviously not the crappy cutscenes with the 4 protagonists) than many Bethesda quests.

PC gamers started modded it immediately and we got rid of the fog and the 50 fov (that made you feel like you were in a box), so we could see the beautiful island vistas in the first week. Iirc there was a modding tool for those that don't like to edit files within the first month or two.

Personally I salute their success for purely selfish reasons, since this probably means more RPGish Coop games in my lifetime.
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