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February 9th, 2013, 15:07
Originally Posted by rjshae View Post
Yes, the omnipresent player's house — a solution still looking for a my problem to solve.
Sociologically speaking there's a lot of different motivations for roleplay. Two of them—packrat and cosplay/dollhousing—are why player housing exist. The packrat uses housing to assuage player anxiety about not having enough room for all their loot. You just. might. need. that. one. thing. And on it goes.

Cosplayers want to play dress-up with their characters and extend the behavior to houses. There is something satisfying in that kind of nesting behavior; organizing a house that is 'just so'. I think also satisfies an organizing compulsion, one that I engaged in when I played Ultima VII and Underworld. I used to create stacks of gold over here, weapons over there, gear in that corner, and so-on. I can't begin to say how satisfying it was. You only need look at what happened with Ultima Online housing back in the day to see I'm not alone.

So, um, objectively that was clever, but not true. There is a problem to solve that's as old as the RPG itself, it just doesn't exist with you.
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