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February 9th, 2013, 20:24
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Nope. People can feel unimpressed by the video, even if very early gameplay.

I am not sure this game resolves turn based and tactics issues. Flanking? For what?
Good points though: at this moment, certain very easy tasks seem to be kept very easy. It is the nature of turn based games to inflate very easy tasks'difficulty (like shooting an elephant right in front of you, five meters away) in order to make up for the staticness of the combat.

Some odd things: discovery of the world based on perception. Illustrating texts showing up according to the character's perception. Can turn easily devastating. Can you imagine replaying again the game just to try the few objects that escape the perception testing of the characters?

I agree with you that there are legitimate reasons to be unimpressed with an early game video. I think that shows a lot of cynicism/pessimism, but that, in itself, is neither irrational nor trolling.

This, however, is trolling: "So, inExile was left to it's own device to produce magic and what they are creating looks like a graphic overhaul of a turn-based strategy game of the mid 90's? Krater did the same, in real time, and there was no red carpet and mariachi band announcing it… "

Krater? Really? What's even the point of comparison? That they both are broadly post-apocalyptic? Also, mid-90's? Man, I must remember a different mid-90's then everyone else….
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