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February 9th, 2013, 20:38
"Why trolling? Are there any rules in this forum that we must acclaim every old school game as the work of genius? If there is, my apologies."

Straw man. I was calling you out on ridiculous comparisons to Krater and to mid-90's graphics.

" By now it seems pretty dull and clearly not an RPG, but strategy with dialogue (like Jagged Alliance)."

Not sure how you came to that conclusion. It seemed generally in-line with how I'd expect Fallout or Wasteland 1 to handle a similar situation. I mean, I'm not saying it's impossible, but I think you have to do an awful lot of assuming and reaching here, especially to call this a Jagged Alliance style game.

"Yes, because they are both post-apocalyptic, both of them look like graphic overhauls of mid/ late 90s games and they are both advertised as RPGs, though none looks like an RPG. Krater is more of a skirmish game, this one isn't finished, but it is clearly pointing to turn-based strategy. "

Again, the mid-90's comparison seems absurd. I mean.. do you remember what games looked like in the mid-90's? If I really wanted to compare the graphics of Krater and WL2, I'd argue that, even at this early stage, Krater is found wanting.

In any case, Krater was pretty obviously going for Diablo-clone status right away. This is an RPG, at least as far as we all understand the term. You'd have to assume a lot in order to be convinced it's a straight strategy game.
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