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February 9th, 2013, 20:50
Turning the text boxes into sound makes it cost a lot of more money and decreases a lot of the flexibility. Therefore for most of the dialogues and especially the flavor texts I welcome the switch to texts as stated in my previous comments. But having texts or voice overs does not make any difference in terms of "is this a good rpg". Some enjoy voice overs (I do mostly) but it limits the freedom a lot technically.
Yes, I the cost thing is a problem. But I can't have role playing without voice anymore. Just doesn't cut it for me. The same with too much tactical combat. I know that most people (in this forum at least) have no problem with strategy and tactical combat in an RPG, but that's not my personal taste

I am not sure why you don't see an RPG here. Maybe because they presented more of the strategy part than the RPG part? Maybe because you enjoy hack and slashing enemies in real time by walking by and don't want to "waste" time with combat? As far as I can judge even the most time in P&P D&D games is "wasted" on combat.
I really don't know what you were looking for. Another Mass Effect or Dragon Age 2?
They presented a lot of strategy, yes, the interaction with NPCs part did not seem to be that much important (maybe it will be in the final version, but here it isn't. And yes again, I do not like the combats to be tactical, I like them quick and dirty. Not as in Diablo, but as in any Fallout 3, FONV, Mass Effect… I wasn't expecting another Mass Effect (I would like it to be more like that, but I knew it wasn't). I was expecting it to be more of a modern version of the early Fallouts, but with all the bells and whistles that by that time they couldn't have. After this video, I don't know…
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