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February 9th, 2013, 22:46
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For me, this was a case of pure unadulterated tanking
For me as well, on my first playthrough. I didnīt even have much time to appreciate the design since I got him right away.
Iīve only really came to appreciate the dude on my second character, a low vitality dodge-y one, for whom he proved surprisingly difficult (the most difficult encounter in the whole game actually).
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The Sif touch was really fantastic
You know what fight to postpone till after DLC on a potential replay .
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Whilst I think I've pretty much covered most of the DLC now, I think I'm going to leave the optional dragon fight for another playthrough for a couple of reasons.
a) I can't seem to make it very far without being burnt to a crisp! (looted the chests nearby however!)
b) The chap who apparently may help with the dragon is unreachable due to the crest key mysteriously not dropping.
Hm, the key is a mimic drop, itīs possible it vanishes for good if you donīt grab it before dying/warping. That quite sucks - the chap fleshes out some things nicely and the dragon fight rocks.
As for a), you canīt fight the dragon at all at that time.
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Thus, perhaps after some more titanite slab seeking,
If youīve progressed through Onionheadīs storyline in a certain way,

But honestly, I think youīll kick Cinderīs ass to stratosphere right away, slabs or no slabs .
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