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February 10th, 2013, 03:40
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
This one is kind of on the bulky side, and the CPU is not very good (i5-3230m), but it is incredibly cheap and it will run recent games at 1080p on high settings:

Lenovo Y500 with Dual 650m in SLI - $899
Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I'm gonna take the plunge and buy something more expensive, make a bigger investment now and hopefully buy something that will last me more years than if I purchased something cheaper. Hoping I can buy a laptop that will take me through the next generation of gaming. My idea is that the $2000 laptop will be great for a few years, then maybe I can swap out the graphics card or upgrade the memory down the road to keep up with modern gaming. I don't know a ton about this type of stuff, but that's what I'm thinking.

I posted on notebookreview, very impressive forum they have over there. Just curious though, how long do these expensive laptops last before becoming obsolete? Is it unreasonable to think that a NP9150 Special Edition will last me for 5+ years possibly? Or is that completely out of the question? Like I said, I'm hoping if the laptop starts becoming obsolete, I can just upgrade it instead of buying another big investment laptop. Just some thoughts I'm having before taking the dive…

Thanks for the help fellas, been very helpful.
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